Something extraordinary happens when a child takes to the stage

Stagecoach children discover a strength within themselves through constant practise and play in drama, dance and singing classes. The desire to perform often overrides the children's hesitance as they thrive under the teacher's enthusiasm and praise. Reluctant learners reveal a confidence rarely seen, energetic youngsters impress audiences  with their spot-on characterisation, and teh mutual cooperation and support among them helps all the children to give the best possible performance.

Shy children often reveal a confidence rarely seen, boisterous youngsters can amaze us with their spot-on characterisation, and it’s always a delight to see students working in harmony to give the best possible performance. While most Stagecoach students demonstrate their latest acting, singing and dancing skills at regular intervals to an invited audience, a number of children have taken on more challenging performing roles at their schools and in the wider community. 

Students of Stagecoach South Africa have used their acquired skills and increased confidence to great effect, and have performed beyond the limits of geographical boundaries. In 2013 Stagecoach South Africa students formed part of a virtual choir in the 25th birthday celebration of Cats at the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham. At the end of 2013, Stagecoach South Africa delighted an audience of over two thousand with their festive musical presentation of Carols by Candlelight at Vergelegen Wine Estate in the Western Cape. 

Two South African students joined an exciting cast in Leatherhead for the 2014 Summer Showcase of Seussical, the Musical. Notable performances by Stagecoach South Africa students have been delivered since 2012 in Fiela's childMoulin Rouge and Annie at the Playhouse Theatre in the Helderberg and Artscape in Cape Town. 

A few young Stagecoach performers volunteered their time to introduce a Charity Fashion Showcase at the All Star Theatre in June 2014. Many of thesm had started their classes as shy introverts, but had grown in self-esteem in a very short space of time to become role models themselves at the Save the Tie, Save the Child event.