Our Main Schools are developed for children and teenagers aged 7-18 years. Classes at Stagecoach Somerset West are held at weekends during term time. Children are organized into groups of similar age range and each group rotates to learn an hour of singing, an hour of drama and an hour of dance. Each group is trained by experienced teachers, who are specialists in their field such as professional dancers, choreographers, actors, performers, directors or musicians.

Students should be prepared for registration, uniform, timetables, regular attendance, and fun homework on occasion, such as learning lyrics, practicing text, revising dance steps, etc.

In addition you will find:
- Exciting, creative dance choreography in a range of exciting dance styles including contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, musical theatre, folk, African dance.
- Challenging drama that extends improvisational skills and builds confidence, that develops character building, story telling and vocal projection, that grounds essential dramatic techniques.
- Dynamic singing lessons to increase vocal range and clarity, to improve vocal awareness and technique through a variety of different singing styles such as pop, musical theatre, rap, opera, folk, etc.
- A fun environment in which to make new friends and broaden your awareness of performing arts.

On top of all that, you qualify for presentations, awards, access to 'Young Performer' magazine, and being part of the world's largest and longest established network of theatre arts schools.